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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery - Speeding up recovery

More and more people are making the decision to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery.

A downside of cosmetic surgery is the initial after-effects, such as swelling and bruising.The time it takes for the skin to recover can differ from person to person due to many factors such as age, general health, lifestyle etc., however, a course of MLD treatments after cosmetic surgery makes the healing process much faster.

How can Manual Lymph Drainage help?

M.L.D. is regularly prescribed in Europe to improve healing and reduce recovery time after cosmetic surgery. Treatment pre- and post-surgery is often recommended to get the lymphatic system in peak condition to help reduce the swelling and bruising, keep it operating at optimum levels to accelerate the healing process, encourage better scar formation and ultimately reveal the new you in less time.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

There are usually no bad side effects to the treatment and drinking plenty of water before and after your treatment is recommended. 


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